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Crusade song by Peirol - The Art of the Troubadours

silverwhistleApr. 27th, 2006 11:23 pm Crusade song by Peirol

This was written c. 1188-89, by Peirol, an Auvergnat trobador. The poet debates with Love. The tune survives for this one, and it has been recorded by Estampie and by the Clemencic Consort.

I dedicate this to the "Marques valens e pros", murdered 28 April 1192...

Quant Amors trobet partit
Mon cor de son pessamen,
D'una tenson m'asalhit,
E podetz auzir comen.
Amix Peirols, malamen
Vos anatz de mi lunhan!
E pus e mi ni en chan
Non er vostr' entencios,
Diguatz! pueys que valretz vos

Amors, tan vos ai servit,
E nulhs pechatz no.us en pren,
E vos sabetz quan petit
N'ai avut de jauzimen.
No.us ochaizo de nien
Sol que.m fassatz derenan
Bona patz, qu'als no.us deman!
Que nulhs autres guazardos
No m'en pot esser tan bos.

Peirols, metetz en oblit
La bona domna valen,
Que tan gent vos aculhit
E tan amorozamen,
Tot per mon comandamen
Trop avetz leugier talan
E no.us era ges semblan,
Tan guays e tan amoros
Eratz en vostras chansos.

Amors, anc mais no falhit,
Mas ar falh forsadamen!
E prec Dieu Jhesu que.m guit,
E que trameta breumen
Entre.ls reys acordamen,
Que.l socors vai trop tarzan,
Et auria mestier gran
Que.l marques valens e pros
N'agues mais de companhos.

Peirols, Turc ni Arabit
Ges per vostr' envazimen
No laissaran Tor Davit.
Bon cosselh vos don e gen!
Amatz e chantatz soven.
Iretz vos, e.l rey no.i van
Veiatz las guerras que fan!
Et esguardatz dels baros
Cossi trobon ochaizos.

Amors, si li rey no.i van,
Del Dalfi vos dic aitan!
Ja per guerra ni per vos
No remanra, tant es pros.

Peirols, maint amic partran
De lurs amiguas ploran,
Que, si Saladis no fos,
Sai remazeran joios.

When Love found that my thoughts no longer dwelt on him, he assailed me with a tenso and you may hear in what way: - Friend Peirol, wickedly do you withdraw yourself from me; and since you will no longer fix your intent on me or on song, tell me what will be your worth?

- Love, so long have I served you - and no compassion do you have thereat - and you know how little joy I have had. I make no accusation against you, provided that you grant me peace henceforth, for naught else do I ask of you; no other reward can be so sweet to me.

- Peirol, do you forget the fair and noble lady who received you so graciously and lovingly at my command? You are too fickle! You were not wont to appear thus, so gay and loving were you in your songs.

- Love, never did I fail but now I am remiss against my will; I beg the Lord Christ to guide me and establish quickly peace between the Kings, for help is too long delayed and great need is there that the noble and valiant Marquis should have more companions.

- Peirol, never by your intervention will the Turk and Arab yield up the Tower of David. Good and weighty counsel do I give you; love and sing often. Will you set forth when the Kings make no move? Behold the wars they wage, and see how the nobles seek causes to avoid their obligations.

- Love, if the Kings do not set out, I tell you this much as far as Dalfin [of Auvergne] is concerned; never on account of war or of you will he remain here, so worthy is he.

- Peirol, many lovers will depart weeping from their ladies who would remain here joyful if it were not for Saladin.

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